Saturday, March 30, 2013

Do you like the baby name to your partner?

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From the moment you see your baby in the first ultrasound until they feel their first kicks, share with your partner pregnancy becomes a magical experience. However, choosing the name together is something very different! But if your partner hates the name that you adore, do not impose it will provoke resentment, especially if the name is reminding someone not to their liking.

The important thing is to reach an agreement without discussion reaches fight, and one way is that everyone make a list of your favorite names, and see which of them appear on both lists.

If, for example, your partner insists that the baby should be named after him because it is the tradition that has always followed his family, tries to explain why you would not want to continue that tradition rather than fight and find a solution. If you have more than one favorite, may decide to make a compound name with your favorite and your partner.

If you finally give in, think that the name of your baby will be an inseparable part of it and you like it. And remember, none of the above are fixed rules: the most important criterion for choosing a baby's name is simply that they like you and your partner.The BabyCenter Names Finder can help you!